PHIL 340 CU Integrated Information Theory of Consciousness Discussion


I require a paper that is 1500-2500 words and includes 6 references including references from the readings provided. The slides provided are not to be used as one of the six references. Outside references can be used but must be cited properly and must be high quality academic sources. A bibliography is also required at the end. The topic for this paper is the Integrated Information Theory of Consciousness.

Here are general examples of an outline for the paper:

1)paper on Christof Koch and Tononi’s version of IIT.

first i will explain the principles of IIT and how it was derived out of the mind body problem and the problems it solves and the ones it creates.

I will then analyze koch & tononi’s version of IIT and how it is different from other forms of IIT and other theories of the mind body experience.

I’ll then offer my own ideas about IIT and what i think is the best theory when it comes to the mind body problem

2)Tononi’s Integrated Information theory entails that information and integration are the essential properties of our own experience, and proposes a special connection between the physical and mental that could be described as ‘identity’ that transcends materialism. A new model of reality could quantifiably incorporate conscious experience into the basic fabric reality as Φ-Time, consisting of the dimensions: space, time and experience. Φ-Time ultimately gives a more cohesive explanation of how first-person evidence can solve the hard problem and allows IIT to evade Adam Pautz objection by transforming the theory altogether. IIT quantifies a fundamental and ubiquitous consciousness, whereas Φ-Time quantifies subjectivity as the fundamental measurement of everything, drawing similarity to Tononi’s transcendent “identity.” Φ-Time quantities compare to gravity wells in the bending of space-time, but instead describe the capacity to which something experiences. The analogy of a ripple helps elucidate how Φ-Time can manifest itself across spatial, temporal, and experiential dimensions, and helps explain phenomena like the natural world, the big bang, technological innovation, and out of body experiences.

Tononi’s first-person experiential evidence for Integrated Information Theory deals with five axioms of consciousness: that it exists ‘for itself,’ and is structured, informative, integrated, and exclusive. However, Pautz highlights that he doesn’t really define anything. The model of Φ-Time could refine the theory and declare that subjectivity is the more appropriate fundamental quantity. This model demands a total restructuring of Tononi’s axioms to measure subjectivity in a space-time-experience universe. Instead of using a conceptual structure in cause and effect space, Φ-Time explains experience as one dimension of the fundamental subjectivity of everything.

3)I am going to write my final essay on integrated information theory. I am going to discuss what it’s strengths are and how an integrated information theorist may defend their position to support it, such as solving the hard problem of consciousness and how the theory was able to give consciousness a value to determine how conscious something is (which also gives us something to base the data on, we can find the values and compare between different creatures to determine how conscious something really is). I will discuss how you find the value for consciousness and what the difference is between “phi” and “phi max”. I am also going to discuss why integrated information theory has problems and what their problems are and what that means for the theory, such as the boundaries of consciousness in general, like where would my consciousness end and where does your begin? Does everything around us have some level of consciousness? How can we become more in tune with this outside consciousness to help benefit us in some way, or is that even possible? I will discuss my opinion and what I believe to be true and why (which I don’t believe to be a very strong theory), and finally I will also discuss how the theorist could respond to my opinion and claims on this theory. I will be using readings from class, professor’s slides from class paired with my notes, and I will probably expand my research to include some outside sources as well to just further support my answers.

#1 is the most general form that could be followed but pieces of the others may be incorporated just put in your own words. Mostly to give an idea of the path of the paper.


IIT… pages 216-219…

Pautz pdf reading: pages 188-212

Hard question of consciousness pdf reading: sections 1-5

Please let me know if you have any other questions. Thank you!


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