PHIL 340 Philosophical Consequences of Consciousness IIT Perspective Essay


  • Write a philosophical paper on the philosophical consequence of
    IIT, defining consciousness, using the following abstract: A
    philosophical consequence of IIT is defining consciousness. In other
    words, understanding the Integrated Information Theory strongly relies
    upon how consciousness is defined which makes sense because IIT attempts
    to explain conscious experience by measuring information and analyzing
    its integration. There are many different theories and arguments as to
    how consciousness can be defined and what exactly consciousness is so,
    this creates a problem with regards to IIT because without gaining a
    clear understanding of what consciousness is, we are unable to identify
    its properties. In order to solve this, IIT uses the value of phi in
    order to measure the amount of consciousness that something possess.
    Some of these questions with regards to consciousness include whether
    consciousness is a physical process or not, can be differentiated, or
    how it is constructed. An example of these issues can be seen in the
    advancement of technology. More specifically, if a computer can be made
    to be conscious by integrating its transistors like the way neurons are
    integrated in the human mind which makes us conscious, then how does the
    conscious internet relate to the conscious human mind? I personally
    view consciousness as a physical neurological state of mind that can be
    possessed by living organisms with brains because if parts of our brains
    aren’t functioning properly or are inhibited, then we lose
    consciousness. So, my perspective is that the question of consciousness
    is not as complicated or elaborate as some may perceive it to be, making
    IIT much more feasible.
  • A bibliography is necessary and must include at least 6 references including the following reference:… .
  • Total 1500-2500 words.


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