PHIL 341 Glendale Community College Fallacy of Relevance Discussion Post


Provide an example of at least one type of fallacy of relevance, ambiguity, or weak induction that be present in your future career (working with patients, familles, businesses, employees, supervisors). 

Do not simply share definitions, but provide Identification of the specific type of fallacy that you are using (ex: Straw Man, Appeal to Pity, Appeal to Popularityetc.), explain what is involved with that fallacy, and then provide a specific example of how it might be used. 

You are required to support your post with sourced information with APA formatted references and citations.

A substantive post is at least one to two good-sized paragraphs. Thinks of them as a mini paperYou to demonstrate your learning, encourage additional dialogueand provide new insightA short post without any additional contribution or that looks like the below will not produce passing scores


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