PHL 10101 Montana University Billings Philosophies of Life Questions


Question 1 (25 points?

Campbell claims that moral effort fits three criteria necessary to have free will. List the criteria and how moral effort is definitive of free will given what these criteria require. Be specific. the two  How does moral effort meet these criteria and does he believe that most situations require moral effort? Why, or why not?

Question 2 (25 points)

A Western conception of God poses a unique problem for free will. Articulate this problem, as Pike presents it, and the Jones example he uses to present his idea. Be sure to explain in detail how God’s existence makes free will impossible according to this view.

Question 3 (25 points)

The teleological argument requires that several inferences be made to derive God’s existence. In detail, articulate what what is being analogized and the inferences that the argument from design attempts to derive.  these inferences are and what is being analogized. What does Hume find so problematic about this argument. Give at least three clear criticisms Hume provides. 

Question 4 (25 points)

What is the logical problem of evil and how is it different from the evidential problem of evil? Connect this to the Atlantis example Russell conjures in order to explain the evidential problem of evil.

Question 5 (25 points)

Libertarian thinking is founded upon Locke’s Principle of Acquisition. What does this principle state and how does it lead to the wrongness of wealth distribution and eventually the minimal state? Be detailed.

Question 6 (25 points)

What is the distinction between the private/public sphere and how does the former impact the latter? Explain how both of these spheres are connected to a lack of equality of opportunity.

Question 7 (25 points)

What are Hume’s criticism’s of the teleological argument? How do these conclusions counter the desired conclusions about God from proponents of the argument from design?

Question 8 (25 points)

How does Okin arrive at her conclusion that libertarianism leads to slavery, matriarchy,


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