PHL Oxford University Extraterrestrial Journal Discussion


Minimum word count: 750+ words (Note: quotations and headings do not count toward overall word count)

(Double-spaced, 12-point font, and in one of the following formats: DOC DOCX or RTF, do not submit .pages files)

Suggested completion date: Sunday, Oct. 25th.

Final Due Deadline: Last day of class 11:55pm (No submissions are accepted after this date for any reason. Plan and pace your work accordingly.)

For this journal, you may pick any section from the assigned readings already covered in class. You will explain a central theory/argument from that reading (that you have not written on yet), then write your own philosophical response.

As a general rule, do not include additional research beyond the course material. These journals are meant for you to personally explore the readings and content from this course.

Your journal should have 3 sections; clearly label when each section begins in your journal (you may do this simply with section number or section title):

i. Intro: Introduction and a brief summary of your journal. (In the intro, make sure to briefly and clearly state the main points you will address in the journal; for example, could look something like “Philosopher A claimed B. I will claim C, for reasons D, E, F”)

ii. Exposition: Briefly, but clearly describe a key argument or theory from the chosen reading (which you will respond to in section 3). This section should primarily be in your own words but include at least one short key quote from the chosen reading. Make sure to quote and cite any words that are not your own, even if they are from the text or lectures. It should be clear from this section that you actually completed the reading (not just based on the lectures).

iii. Your Philosophical Response: (Main section, spend most of the journal on this). Give your philosophical response. Make sure you stay on topic. Do so in one of the following formats (do only one of these options):

  1. Give rational objections to the argument/theory, state why it is faulty
  2. Defend the argument from possible objections
  3. Explain how the argument can be improved, how you would change it and why
  4. Discuss the strengths and weaknesses, then your overall position

(Do only one of the above options!)


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