Purdue University Deductive and Inductive Conditional Inferences Paper


write minimum 550 words Please find 2 examples of the types of arguments mentioned below and then analyze one of each of the pair of arguments using the guidelines and evaluative tools (valid, strong, cogent, etc.) found in the text. Thus, you will have six total examples and three evaluations Your evaluations need to be careful and informative. Please notice that I am not asking you to define the argument types. This assignment assumes you know them. What you need to do is apply the definition and then analyze your examples. You will likely use a search engine to find examples and that’s fine to an extent. But you will receive less credit for examples that are too easily found, unoriginal, weak, or ones that seem lazy, etc. It would be best if you found examples from articles where you can reconstruct the argument–identify the conclusion, find the premises, and then evaluate how the premises relate to the conclusion. Must be at least 2 pages, double spaced.

  1. Deductive Arguments
  2. Inductive Arguments
  3. Argument by Analogy (analogical)


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