Saint Leo University Early European Philosophy Discussion


Two Part Assignment

Part 1: Original Discussion at least 500 words double APA guidelines

From the Smith textbook, select one of the Reflection questions at the end of Chapters 1-3 to address in your initial thread. Begin your initial thread by identifying the chapter and question number and by inserting the exact wording of the question at the top of your post. In your response, consider how you may extend your answer with a critical analysis, personal reflection, and/or perspectives from different sources. To review APA video references and citations, explore APA Style: Youtube Video References. (Links to an external site.)

Please review the Discussion Assignment Instructions and Discussion Grading Rubric prior to posting. You may also click the three dots in the upper corner to Show Rubric.

Part 2: Respond to two peer discussion (ATTACHED BELOW)

Book information attached below.


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