San Jose State University Philosophy and Political View of War Essay


What is the nature of war according to Machiavelli and in the thought of the Utopians? You might consider, for example, the texts’ messages about what war (i.e., military conflict between armies and soldiers) is like, how it functions, why it is important, how people should engage in it, and when. Write an argumentative,thesisbased essay in which you compare or contrast the views on war presented in the texts.The comparison should focus either on critical differencesbetween the views presented or on key similaritiesbetween them, but not both. Although you may at the outset very briefly note that there are various similarities between the two works (in an essay that focuses on differences) or certain differences between them (in an essay that focuses on similarities), DO NOT attempt to comprehensively address both differences and similarities in this short essay.


– MUST be full 6 pages (doubled page) and no more than 7 pages

– NO OUTSIDE SOURCE (only use the two books and the materials I sent you) again no outside source

– Must see the humanities handbook I attached below to follow format as well as to write an effective counterargument

You must identify and respond to a counterargument. (See the Humanities Writing Handbook.)

– MUST Plagiarism free

– In each paragraph you must provide at least 2 quotes/ textual citation for evidence to support your points

– Will discuss more with the Tutor later


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