San Jose State University Understanding of Technology Discussion


For each discussion topic each student will be required to respond to the discussion prompt AND respond to another student’s post. You must post before you see replies. Make sure you address each part of the prompt thoroughly and make sure to ground your response in course materials (parenthetical citation works fine for discussions). There is no minimum or maximum writing requirement, but if you have less than a couple full paragraphs, you might not be addressing the prompts thoroughly. As a general rule of writing, DO NOT assume your reader knows or understands the core concepts being discussed, so make sure to explain – for example, if you discuss empiricism or values, include a brief description/explanation about what it is. OK, so here is the discussion prompt.

Again, with reference to the course materials, what is an understanding of technology that resonates with you and why? Is technology neutral until utilized by people or is it active and influencing? Why?


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