Santa Monica College Chil Su and Man Su Film Analytical Review


  1. Select contemporary article relevant to material covered
  2. Include three – five sentence summary
  3. Include one – three sentence explanation about article’s relevance to discussion


  • Frame Dimensions and shape (aspect ratios, masks and multiple frames)
  • Onscreen and offscreen space
  • Camera position: angle, level, height, and distance of framing
  • Functions of framing

Mobile Framing (occurs during the shot):

  • Types of mobile framing (pan, tilt, tracking or dolly shot)
  • Movement and machinery (dolly, steadicam, handheld, zoom and the mobile frame)
  • Frame mobility: functions (frame mobility and space; frame mobility and time)

The Assignment:

1. Choose a scene of filmmaker whose work you deeply respect (Include name of film, filmmakers (director and cinematographer), and year of release in post).

2. Post a still or embed a YouTube clip (Links to an external site.) of the selected scene

3. Briefly discuss at least one (1) element (listed above) of framing or the mobile frame, as it appears in the selected scene, discussing how it does one of the following:

  • Affects the viewer’s reception of the film


  • Establishes a filmmaker’s distinctive style.

Part II:

Comment on two (2) of your peers responses.

As a reminder, the goal of the comments is to enhance our weekly subject matter. Hence, comments should discuss specific terms, examples, and language intrinsic to each week’s discussion. For example, if you notice another photographic image at work in the scene that your classmate chose not to focus on, discuss it. Do not merely state that you agree or how you “like,” “love,” or “appreciate” what one of your peers has written.


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