Santa Monica College Few Good Men 1992 Legal Drama Film Review


I expect to read about the connections you make from the film with Rhetorical Tropes and other concepts you’ve learned in class about arguments, evidence, Aristotelian appeals, rhetorical context, etc. in other words, do follow the Duke University guidelines to writing in the genre of a film review, but let your voice and your own musings on this film intersperse your prose. I want to “hear” your voice.

minimum 3 pages

Can not be plagiarized

Mla 8 format

please provide quality work this is my final assignment

Outline – Film Review


a.Present the basic information of the film.




2.Summary and Description

a.Present the basic information of the plot.

i.Without spoiling the film.

b.Present an evaluation of the plot.

i. Focusing on the first and second act

3.Analysis of Themes and Cinematography







a.Recommend the film.


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