SDSU Gettysburg Address & The Inauguration Speech of President Barack Obama Essay


Final Essay Project (40%). This reflective well written and structured paper should be of about 3000-word (5 to 6 pages,) double spaced, with one-inch margins, using Times Roman 12pt font. This final assignment should be submitted on Blackboard by Thursday, December 10 (I will accept submission until Saturday, December 12 at midnight without penalty, but this is obviously up to you.)

The purpose of this final work is to demonstrate your knowledge of the material, to exercise your ability to introduce it intelligently and to write an academic essay about it, and, in some measure, exhibit creativity and original thinking.

The assignment at core is as follow: This is an open topic assignment. You are asked to put two (or more) human literary, artistic and philosophic expressions, OF YOUR CHOICE in a dialogue with each other as they confront a major issue or question partaking to “existence in general” and “the human condition” in particular. They can be opposing or complementing each other.

Another way to illustrate your contribution in this paper is by suggesting that the very attempt of yours to put these two elements together in relation with each other will contribute a substantive value in such a way that will reveal a sum that is greater than the parts.

For example: Chekhov’s story Misery ( and Nietzsche’s Zarathustra put together in dialogue will reveal an insight about the dynamic of power between the “strong” and the “weak” as part as the human condition, and question if it is natural or social. Another example is Lincoln “Gettysburg Address” ( and the inauguration speech of President Barak Obama ( elucidating the nature of the “Unity” in the United States of America.

Please be advised that this paper accounts for 40% of your grade and it is THE major requirement of the course, therefore do not spare time or effort to demonstrate a serious command of the academic language and style; the ability for a well-structured presentation of your topic and your arguments as well as mastery of the content and the complexities of the subject of your writing.

IMPORTANT: You can use MLA, APA, or CMS Style or any other academic style as long as you are consistent and clear.

The guideline that will be applied for evaluating your final paper:

* General impression based upon your choice of an interesting and well-focused topic, especially the two literary or/and artistic of your choice and the overall central argument or core theme of your paper — up to 20 points

* Title page written clearly including personal submission details, and most importantly a title that is focused and clear — up to 10 points

*A clear and well written introduction including a statement about your intentions and the way you are planning to execute them, the overall structure behind your work and the nature of your deliberation.

* Main body where the themes are presented and defended in detail and finely end up forming a unity. up to 30 points

* Concluding part summarizing your personal opinion and reflections. — up to 20 points

* Notes and bibliography of about five resources — up to 10 points.


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