SJSU Inside the Hellish Workday of an Amazon Warehouse Employee Case Study


case study: hellish workday of an amazon warehouse employee

A little background on Rawls theory:

Rawls theory of justice is based on two principles. The first principle guarantees that everyone in the society has the right to an extensive basic liberty (freedom of thought, speech and religion which should be equal to the liberty of others in the society.This principle gives individuals maximum liberty but also compatible with others having the same kind of liberty. The second principle states that the social and economic inequalities have to be attached to offices and positions open to all and should benefit the least advantaged members of society. He presents a hypothetical “veil of ignorance” in which everyone in the society would be placed in “the original situation”. In the veil of ignorance, people are not aware of their social status so they can go for a generalized point of view which is more likely to comply with morality. The veil forces people to be objective, impartial, and make an agreement possible. In this hypothetical situation, people will choose the principles of justice that will make it possible to live a decent life, even if their role is restricted to the lower or weaker class of society. This will allow each individual to enjoy the same rights and opportunities without taking into account any social inequalities. According to Rawls, people in the original position tend to be conservative because they would not want to gamble with their own future or life. People in that situation will apply the maximum rule. The rule states that people should try to maximize the minimum that they will receive. All primary goods are to be distributed equally unless an unequal distribution benefits the least advantaged. Society is a cooperative project with the mutual benefit of all and justice requires us to reduce the social and economic consequences of arbitrary natural differences between people.

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