SJSU Wk 10 Humanities Paradise Lost Eve to Eat the Forbidden Fruit Discussion


Alright class, last one! Make it count! Write a 250-300 word paragraph while answering both questions. In your answer, make some reference to at least one of the following: morality, truth, happiness, or the effects of the supernatural. No outside source allowed!!! Use only your thought and your thought only!

1) In Paradise Lost, Book IX, lines 679-732, the serpent successfully persuades Eve to eat the forbidden fruit. Recall that Eve started out being fearful of this tree, exclaiming that God forbade humans to eat from it. Yet, by the end of the conversation with Eve, the serpent has persuaded her and she’s joyfully eating the fruit. Explain what happened. What was the serpent’s reasoning? What does the serpent do that succeeds in changing Eve’s mind?

2) Also in Book IX, in lines 342-366, shortly before the serpent arrives, Adam warns Eve about how humans fall to temptation. How well does Adam’s description of falling for temptation correspond to Eve’s actual fall for temptation?


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