Stratford University Strong Football Culture Influence Discussion Paper


TASK 3:Write a 2-3 page (double-spaced) cultural analysis of the two ads, drawing from the resources provided in Lesson 3 to support your claims. Structure your paper using the below guideline:

  • INTRODUCTION (1 paragraph): Include a thesis statement where you explain the overall point you are making about the relationship between your two ads and culture(s).
  • BODY (4 paragraphs in 2 sections): Divide your body into 2 sections, one for each ad. In each section write 2 paragraphs, 1 describing the ad, the product, and who it appeals to; and the other analyzing the cultural significance of the ad, drawing from a source from Lesson 3 as well as details from the ad to support your claims.
  • CONCLUSION (1 paragraph): Restate your thesis. Explain why thinking about the media helps us understand culture and diversity.
  • Discussion B:The initial post should be at least 300 words.

  • “It is better to study major international languages like English rather than to spend time on minority languages for the sake of regional identity.” Do you agree? What would be the benefits and detriments? What would be gained and what would be lost? Write a meaningful answer that fully addresses the question above.”

  • Reply to my 2 classmates:

  • 1.Amarachi Ugah

  • I do not completely agree with the argument that only focuses on the study of international languages like English but not on the minority languages as this trend would affect the regional diversity as well as the colorful identity of the world. The world is full of diverse traditions and identities and all these diversity and colorfulness are not achieved in a day but all are the outcome of the larger process with the huge passage of time and the minority languages are also passed through the different culture and traditions and ignoring them are not the good sign of maturity of human civilizations as these regional and minority languages also gives the big picture of the world and open many colorful chapters in the different parts of the world which should be taken as a boon to the human civilization.The benefit of study only the major international languages would be fruitful for the business and commerce and the people of different parts of the world would be easily employable in any country due to the international language. Moreover, it would also allow the seamless transfer and goods and services in the world and fuel the globalization process and so on.The major detriments are the colorful identity of the diversity of the world and the people who speak those languages would reach an isolation stage. Moreover, the world would lose not a language but the vast human traditions which were nurtured by the language in a huge time period. All these show that damage would be irreparable in nay terms.We would gain commonality in the world and achieve a global partnership by the use of language that would be helpful for the business and connection in the world. The loss would be the regional identities and the traditions that are shaped by the vast time period and we would not able to repay those losses at any cost and so on.
  • CLASSMATE 2: Lizaida Ramirez
  • I disagree with this; I believe that we should all take the time out to learn a minority language. Just as much as they take the time to learn English and adapt to our way of living. Every minor language is just as important as English. In most cases it is a bonus if you can speak multiple languages, many employers look for a multi-language employee especially if the job evolves around different culture costumers.
    Being that Spanish was my first original language before English I know what others go through. It isn’t easy learning something new especially an extremely popular language like English. Not everybody learns at a fast pace. My grandmother moved from Puerto Rico at the age of 12 and still till this day she isn’t fluent in English. She now 66 and you will think she is fluent in English but nope she isn’t. on the other hand, my grandfather could speak both English and Spanish fluently. As you can see, we are not all the same and we all adapt differently. Over time people have became lazy to even try to attempt to learn another language. Now when you got to doctor appointment you have to bring your own translator before they use to provide you with one but not anymore. Whatever happen to giving people a helping hand?
    I think if it were mandatory to study a second language our life would be much easier. Not only that but it gives us a chance to learn about different cultures other than the English one. Many benefits could be that different culturally people can connect and know each other culture. As well as decreasing the communication gap. The worst-case scenario would be that other languages other than English becomes extinct. Making the English language the only first language. If we all keep focusing on only studying English sooner than later, we will all gain the international language identity. Which means that little by little those that do not know English will lose their regional identity.


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