Syracuse Bureaucratic Organizations Adopting Distinctive Ethical Principles Discussion


For this set of readings, first focus on the concept of bureaucracy – how much does the sense of ethical responsibility disappear in large structures? Do you think it is easier to behave unethically when a boss is telling you to, or if you don’t fully know what you are doing?

Also, think about the concept of integrity. For the most part, integrity can be considered a virtue. Explore that idea – in what way is integrity a virtue? Consider the differences in integrity explored by McFall and Calhoun – do you think that integrity is about keeping your identity consistent (regardless of what is happening around you)? Or do you think integrity also involves promoting those values to others who are around you? When thinking about these questions, a few terms are valuable. From McFall: defeasible commitments and identity-conferring commitments. From Calhoun: standing by and standing for.


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