The Choice of Free Will & Free Will Does Not Guarantee Free Choice Essay


Argument Paper Due on Canvas,check in the “Assignments” folder for specific date and time. The following is a description of the final paper you will be writing for thisclass. You have a choice of three generaltopics, and you can choose to defendany one of several different views under each topic. Here is a description of the final paper assignment:You are to write a four page (12001500 word) argumentpaper. The full range of possible topics can be found below. You may argue for anyside of the debate. The paper has several requirements: 1) it needs to have a clear thesis which will serve as the conclusion to your argument(i.e. it answers one of the questions belowand provides a main reason to think your view is correct). 2) Thisthesis will need to come near the beginning of your paper, preferably at the end of the opening paragraph. 3) Your paper will need to have several clear premises that are meant to directly support the conclusion. 4) You will need to consider a strong objection to your own argument. 5) You will need to convincingly respond to this objection. Note:Remember that a premise and a conclusion need to be statements(sentences that can either be true or false). Your premises can be supported by individual facts, but the premise itself cannot be an individual factit must be a claim.This draft will be graded on the above criteria and the technical aspects of paper writing.

Do you have free will? (Argue for one of the views in the Free Will debate)

Your thesis will serve as answer to one of the above questions. Your goal is to simply give an argument that supports your thesis (conclusion); offer an objection to your argument, and then respond to that objection. You should makeuse of the textbook and arguments presented in class. You may use the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy: remember to properly cite sources!

Free WillIn general:


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