UC Platos Moral Psychology? Intellectualism Divided Soul & Desire for Good Research


3. Research Project

a. What it should be?

– Has a thesis clearly defined, fairly narrow thesis (as opposed to a topic)

– Most importantly, it should be based on a solid understanding of the
text and the ideas.

– Contain your own research (either your own thinking and interpretation
or helpful use of external sources, or both)

– Some typical categories of papers:
o Clarificatory & Evaluative
o Historical dialogue
o Spinoza’s thinking and its influence

– At minimum 2000 words
– Sources should be cited clearly.

I think an explanation and arguments that points us either way there would be helpful. In particular, since Spinoza thinks that the mind is an idea of the human body, it seems that the mind is in some sense the same as the body or very closely depends on the body. How does this mesh with Plato’s theory?

You could also consider the philosophical aim of Spinoza here. What was the reasoning and motivation of the Platonic theory? Do we find functionally similar ideas here or not? Why?


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