UCF Musical Film I Chose to Examine Is Mamma Mia Mamma Mia Short Discussion


This week, try to view a film in the musical genre. It can be classic, contemporary, or foreign. (If you simply cannot force yourself to watch a musical, you can choose another film genre as long as your post focuses on the sound and music used in the film). I would like you to analyze and critique the sound and music in the picture.

Discuss with a MINIMUM of 200 words the use of the sound and music in your chosen film, while explicitly answering ALL of the following questions essay-style:

1.) How is sound and music integrated into the narrative?

2.) Is the sound and music diegetic or non-diegetic?

3.) How are sound and music being used to elicit a response from the audience, and are they successful?

As usual, please add an accurate word count. Remember that spelling, grammar (including italicizing film titles), and quality of content are also contributing factors to your grade.


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