UCI Wk 4 Rear Window Citizen Kane & Meshes of the Afternoon Research Paper


Maximum 300 words for each question.

1.Find an example in Rear Window that exemplifies the concept of the Male Gaze. How does this concept connect with related concepts like voyeurism and ultimately cinema itself? Be sure to define this idea, and use specific formal terminology to correctly identify how specific techniques instantiate this concept.

2.Explain how Citizen Kane does, and doesn’t, exemplify the Classical Hollywood System? Give three elements of that system and Kane’s approach to them.

3.Selecting one of the dominant objects that appear throughout the film Meshes of the Afternoon (key, knife, mirror, flower, etc) identify at least three points in the film where this object appears and propose an interpretation for this object’s larger meaning in the film.

4.How does Third Cinema distinguish itself from First and Second Cinema? Be sure to define all three in your answer, and cite the reading (attached below) as evidence.


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