UCONN The Lives of Others a German Film Drama Directed by Florian Henckel Essay


short analysis should be analytical, not evaluative. Please don’t extensively summarize the plot but focus on the film as a visual & cultural text that needs to be interpreted.

Needs to be at least half a page

•Presentation of life in socialist East Germany (German Democratic Republic 1949-90)?

Civil rights violations?

•Impact of surveillance on the individual in a totalitarian society? Who are the victims?

•What makes STASI Captain Wiesler change?

•Roles of artists in a totalitarian society?

•Is this movie Implicitly or explicitly ideological?

Main characters:

Georg Dreymann (playwriter),

Christa-Maria Sieland (actress, Dreymann’s girlfriend),

Captain Wiesler,

Wiesler’s boss Grubitz,

Minister Kempf


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