University of California Davis Socrates Soul Existence and Arguments Questionnaire


part 1

1. Explain the reasoning by which Socrates attempts to demonstrate that the soul exists after death (that it is not dissolved and scattered). (78b-80b)

2. What objection does Simmias raise to Socrates’ argument that the soul is not dissolved and scattered when it leaves the body? (85e-86d) What objection does Cebes raise? (86e-88b) [In each case, try to summarize in a sentence the alternative view proposed by the interlocutor.]

3. Socrates’ response to Simmias’ objection is in four parts. Explain them. (92e-95a)

part 2

1. What kind of explanation of how things come to be, perish or exist did Socrates first believe Anaxagoras would offer? What kind of explanation did Anaxagoras actually offer? Why was Socrates disappointed? (97b-99c)

2. Explain the manner of investigation Socrates uses. (99e-102a)

3. Explain Socrates’ response to Cebes’ objection. (102b-106e) [Try to follow each of the key moves Socrates makes. How does it all add up?]


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