University of California Irvine Dancer Moves in And Around Space Discussion


What is Space?

Space is the area in which the dancer moves. Dance movement takes up space, the dancer moves in and around space, and a dance is performed in a space. This includes the dancer’s kinesphere and how they move or approach movement within it. This three-dimensional volume of space, much like a bubble around the body, is the kinesphere and is often described as the “reach space” (Integrated Movement Studies 2008).

The notion of kinesphere was created by Rudolf Laban to define: “the sphere around the body whose periphery can be reached by easily extended limbs without stepping away from that place which is the point of support when standing on one foot” (Laban 1966, p. 10).

It is restricted to the dancer’s anatomical limitations. For example, bodies tend to have a greater reach forward in space than backward and this defines their kinesphere. Instead of being a perfect circle, the kinesphere is elliptical in shape. It can be accessed without shifting the weight or varying the stance. (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)

Watch 3 video to write 150 words summary and answer question


We learned a lot about space and how it can be used in dance in your book, but space can go even further and Bandaloop is a great example of that. After watching the three above videos from Bandaloop, an aerial dance company, what are you thoughts on space use in vertical dance? How does this company use space differently then other dance works you have seen? Did the dance film or video of performance speak more to you? After learning more about space in dance and movement, how could you use your knowledge of space within movement in your everyday life?


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