University of North Florida Virtue Philosophy Paper


Having now read substantial sections from the Confucian Analects and
Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics, your task for this paper is thus. You
should put forth a definition of “Virtue”, in doing so you will provide
some evidence. In choosing how you provide this evidence one must be
aware of the differences between Aristotle and Confucius; do they have
the same definition of virtue? After putting forth your own definition,
with supporting evidence from one or both of our major texts, pick one
or two virtues from Aristotle and Confucius and, explain, (i) what they
are, (ii) if they are the same, similar, or different, and (iii) why the
conclusion in (ii) is important. Please see above for the re- write
policy. If you want to use an outside source, you must approve it with
me before hand. If you do use an outside source without prior
permission, you will lose a letter grade on this paper. 1000 words
(approximately 4 pages).


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