Week 10 Philosophy Discussion


Respond to one of these prompts and be clear about which one you are referring to:

PROMPT #1: VALUE OF PRIVACY. In your opinion, what is privacy and what is the most important value of privacy?

PROMPT #2: CYBER RELATIONS. Cocking & Matthews claim that “within a purely virtual context the establishment of close friendships is simply psychologically impossible” (“Unreal Friends,” Ethics and information Technology 2 (2000): 223-231). Do you agree this this view. Using the course material for this week explain your answer.

PROMPT #3: OBFUSCATION. Is obfuscation a form of lying? Is it morally allowed. Explain your answer in detail by referring to one of the three moral theories discussed in week6.

PROMPT #4: KNOWING MORE BY KNOWING LESS. Explain the slogan “knowing more by knowing less” the way it is used in the lecture on the epistemology of ignorance.


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