Women and Gender Studies Questions and Response


Discussion questions: ( I will attach my classmate article that u should do the respond on later )

  1. In your opinion, does Wonder Woman fit into the phallic woman or one of the other action heroine types, a combination of different types, or some other type of action heroine. Explain your answer using specific scene examples from the film.
  2. In your opinion, does Harley Quinn fit into the vixen category? Explain your answer using specific scene examples from the film.
  3. Compare Wonder Woman to Harley Quinn. In your opinion does Wonder Woman have characteristics of a vixen. Does Harley Quinn have characteristics of an action heroine? Use specific scene examples and clips to explain your answer.
  4. How is sexuality, power, violence, and gender represented in both films. Use specific scene examples in your answer.
  5. How is the male gaze used in both films? Use specific scene examples in your response.

Quiz Questions:


  1. Analyze one of the action heroine types or the phallic woman using the corresponding video(s) in the PowerPoint. QUESTION 2 In your own words what is the Women in Refrigerators Syndrome and why is it important when discussing women in comic book films QUESTION 3 What is one of the gendered stereotypes listed in “Marvellous Women — an insight into gender stereotypes in Marvel and DC comics” and find a video clip via the internet that depicts this stereotype. Copy the link at the end of your answer. QUESTION 4 Using the PowerPoint, readings, and the following two clips provide a 100 word character analysis of Harley Quinn. Clips: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Vq0zh1n6DI and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MWQaxfputyo These links will help: https://medium.com/@k8_14772/marvellous-women-an-i…




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