Womens and Gender Halloween Laurie Film Horror Genre Discussion



  • Halloween (1978)
  • Get Out (2018)

To complete this module:

  1. Explore all Module 11 content (read lecture notes and articles, explore all linked content, watch videos, etc.)
  2. Compete Module 11 Quiz (based on readings and lecture notes)
  3. Watch both films.
  4. Post your original response on the Module 11 discussion board.
  5. Respond to one classmate.

Answer these five discussion questions (In your own words) based on the lecture notes and reading links attached.


In the film Halloween Laurie (played by Jamie Lee Curtis) is considered one of the first final girls examined in the horror genre. In what ways does she exemplify the final girl? In your answer identify the characteristics you choose to write about and support your statements with specific scenes from the film.


Find a movie clip accessible via the Internet that illustrates the concept of the final girl. Post the movie clip and write one paragraph that fully explains how that film clip best illustrates the concept.


In Get Out, there is a Final Survivor. What traits does he share with the final girl? How is he different from the final girl? Use specific scene examples to support your argument.

Q. 4

What examples of other categories from Clover do you see in Get Out? Terrible Place, Killers, Victims, Weapons etc. Use specific scene examples to support your argument.

Q. 5

What strategies does Peele use in Get Out to get the audience to think about things differently by either understanding perspectives that are not directly their own (white audience) or thinking about their own experience as part of an institution of racism (black audience)? Use specific scene examples to support your argument.






Answer these Five Quiz questions (In your own words) based on the lecture notes and reading links attached.

Q1 In your own words define each of the following conventions of slasher films: Killer, Location, Victims, Weapons, and The Final Girl. (four points per definition).

Q2: How did Night of the Living Dead (1968) represent racial anxieties?

Q3:What was one example of a Blaxploitation Black horror film and explain why Blaxploitation was important to the horror genre.

Q4:What is one convention of slasher films that originally appeared in Hitchcock’s Psycho (1960) and explain how it is related to a modern convention in the slasher genre (killer, victim, location, etc.).

Q5:What is one religious or cultural taboo found in the horror genre and what type of horror film/films is it found in?


these are the instruction for the discussion questions and the response ( You should respond to My classmate Discussion, see the attached doc file)

Original Discussion Board Posts: You may use media or a link to information, such as website attachments, YouTube clips, etc., in your own discussion board. Also, you may post a link to a video or some other form of media (podcast, blog, etc.), in which you answer the questions/prompts verbally. The Original Discussion Board Post makes up 25/40 points.

Remember your discussion post should be representative of how you would speak in class. It should be academic, but does not need to be as highly refined as a formal essay or speech. Responses should be respectful of other peoples’ opinions and not disparaging in any way. It is especially important to keep in mind the classroom contract during these activities. To adequately address the discussion board questions, typical Original Discussion Board Posts are at minimum 500 words (approximately two pages).

Response Discussion Board Posts: You must post a response to one of your classmate’s discussion board posts. Your response provides you with the opportunity to engage critically with your classmate’s discussion board posts. The response post is makes up 15/40 points. To adequately respond to a classmate, typical Response Discussion Board Pose are at minimum 250 words (approximately one page). There are three steps required for each post.

  1. Add on to the argument, push back against the argument, state questions that the post raised for you academically, socially, politically, etc.
  2. Make connections among the previous readings, films, lecture notes, and other classmate’s posts.
  3. This is an extension of step two. Apply your classmate’s post and your response to a real-world text. The world text is defined broadly (film, news stories, websites, events, social movements, memes, images, and other types of cultural, social, and political discourse or data). You must link the text in your response. You must also provide context connecting the text to your response.


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